The Good Funeral Guide Nomination For Crumpton Rudd Funerals.

We are very pleased to announce that we have been nominated for ‘Best New promising Funeral Director’ award at ‘The Good Funeral Awards in September.
Not that we do what we do to get awards, this year has been the most rewarding and inspiring of my whole working life. I just love that we can help people at this time. There are nine other funeral companies nominated for the same award and some of them we know and they do amazing work, so although we may not win it’s nice to be amongst such company.

Natural Death Centre Charity recommendation

Well….. time is rushing past at the moment. We are so blessed and privileged to have been able to help seven families this month with funerals for their loved ones. Yesterday at Mortlake the service ended with a family friend playing a beautiful violin solo. A fitting finale to a loved Mum as she made her final journey. Thoughts and prayers for the family as they prepare to continue with their lives now. Mum will always be in their hearts and minds until they meet again.

Around mid December 2015 we received the news that we we had been accepted as a recommended funeral director on the Natural Death Centre charity website! We are so excited about this, if you’re unsure about what type of funeral you would like or what funeral director to use please look on their site, you’ll be well informed! We are also now part of the Green funeral directors Association which is again something that sits well with our hearts.






Christmas, a magical time for most but for some it can be a time of sadness. We fully understand this as our very first funeral as Crumpton Rudd was for an old friend of ours, Carol. So with this in mind our thoughts and prayers go out to all the bereaved families at this time.
May you find peace in your hearts and be surrounded by loving family and friends.

Love Rob and Kate.


Crumpton Rudd Funerals/Testimonies

It’s always our pleasure to help families and nice when we get some feedback as it lets us know we’re on the right track in how we carry out our funerals. Thanks to the lovely people for these recent comments.

Dear Rob
“I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to speak with you yesterday”
“Thank you so much for all your hard work, I was lost in your words, they were beautiful and sincere. Nothing makes sense at this time. I don’t know if it ever will. You should be so proud of how you comfort people at such a difficult time, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better”
Thank you Rob
Tina. 28/11/15

Hi Rob
“I would just like to thank you again for the wonderful service yesterday. I’m certain I speak for all the family when I say we couldn’t have asked for more and it was a privilege to hear your beautiful words spoken about Mum and Dad.
With heartfelt gratitude and sincere regards”
Steve. 28/11/15

Hello Rob.
“I would personnally like to thank you for the lovely service you gave for Mum and Dad.It was perfect in every way and we couldn’t have wished for a better person to speak for us all.I think we all done Mum and Dad proud and sure they are looking down at us all and thinking the same.
Thank you again”
Sue x 28/11/15

Hi Rob
” I’d just like to say a very thank you both for your services. Very impressed and the comments we have had from our very small gathering have been great. Everyone though how nice it was and for myself never having been to a funeral before found your guidance throughout the service from initial contact to the big day, invaluable. Wanted you both to knowhow appreciative we are for making our Mum’sfuneral a lovely day, running smoothly and to time. We have our white roses, candles lit and of course several toasts prepared to celebrate Mum’s life”
Many Thanks guys!
Kind Regards
The Fry family

I wanted to thank you for the most wonderful service. Everyone thought you were great (me included) and hit just the right notes.You have great skills for this job of yours where emotional intelligence is key.
Thanks again and for your patience.
Best Wishes
Dominique. 15/10/2015

Babies and Children’s Remembrance Service at Mortlake Crematorium

We were privileged to be asked to take the Babies and Childrens remembrance service at Mortlake Crematorium yesterday. As part of the service we all gathered in the new Waterbugs and Dragonfly’s childrens garden where we released a Dove with a blessing for each child represented.It was a very moving time and our hearts go out to all parents who have lost babies and children.

Crumpton Rudd Funerals, News

Well… the weeks are flying past!
Another week on our Crumpton Rudd journey with another two families helped this week. Our name is slowly getting out to the community and hopefully we can start helping more people with their loved one’s funerals. We’ve been asked to speak at the local Deanery meeting next week which is very exciting for us, and we get lunch!

Even if you just need to talk about what to do and what type of funerals there are, call us we’re always happy to help and don’t forget Rob is also a Funeral Celebrant if you need any help with preparing a service. Heading out to see a family this afternoon in funeral celebrant mode, helping them to bring their ideas together for their funeral service, such a priviledge for us to be able to help.

We have been accepted as a member of ‘ The Association of Green Funeral Directors’ which we are very happy about and more news to come soon we hope with another organisation we believe in.

Have a wonderful weekend

Singing Celebrant-Funeral services

It’s been another hectic couple of weeks here at Crumpton Rudd. I’ve been in funeral celebrant mode on a few occasions, we absolutely love helping families

as a funeral celebrant. It is a big part of what we do and we think it’s a nice extra string to our bow, when people ask us to organise funeral services for them we can also officiate, so there’s no one new to meet before the funeral as we will be there from start to finish. A lovely family asked if I would play and sing a particular song at the end of their Brothers funeral which was nice for us to be able to do for them. They sent us a copy of it along with a nice thank you, I’ve attached the video with the family’s permission.

A good friend of Kate’s passed away two weeks ago and one of  her wishes was that we take care of her funeral. We organised the funeral which took place just outside Derby and I took the service. It was a real privilege for us to be involved and to be able to help the family. A lovely service with around 120 mourners attending to say farewell to this wonderful woman.

Ideal Death Show and beyond

Whilst reflecting on our second week in business I can’t help but feel grateful for this amazing opportunity Kate and I have to help our local community. As I met and talked to more people this week just letting them know who we are and what we’re about I was given so much encouragement and support that at times it was a little bit overwhelming, but it was also good to let them know about the different types of funerals that are now happening rather than the standard traditional funeral. Not that there’s anything wrong with a traditional funeral when carried out well.

I’m always moved when walking through a beautiful woodland followed by a long line of mourners following a wicker coffin which is dressed in seasonal flowers and the mourners themselves not sticking to dark clothing but dressed in lovely bright colours. I always wish I could be hovering above the procession getting that wonderful view,  and although this is more of a modern type funeral it harks back to how funerals were carried out many years ago with families more involved from the beginning, washing and preparing their loved one before lovingly placing them in the coffin and carrying them to the graveside. These days with the woodland burial becoming more popular the service can now take place in a chapel inspired by the surroundings giving you a feeling of oneness with mother nature whist saying your final farewells.

Last week-end we attended the Ideal Death Show which included “The Good Funeral Guide” gala dinner and awards. and what an amazing time we had. Thanks Brian and Charles. Meeting wonderful like-   minded people with a real passion for helping the bereaved was a real highlight for us.

Ideal Death show coffins  IDS Shroud inside  IDS Shroud outside

Special thanks to all the guys from “Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground”, Simon, Fran and Judith. And to Carrie Weeks from “A Natural Undertaking”, who gave us some of her precious time on Saturday morning to chat and inspire, also congratulations for the award as the “Best Green Funeral Director” of the year.

Rob and Kate