As we sit at our kitchen table this morning, reflecting on the changing colours of autumn, it reminds us of how the seasons affect us and our lives. We’re all different and some of us will look towards winter with dread while others will love the approaching changes in temperature, skies and clothing!  The same pattern occurs also in business where we are looking to change and expand Crumpton Rudd Funerals as we feel we are being lead. Sometimes we just have to stop, take a breath and try not to make the changes ourselves, but trust the comimg season will be one that we can explore and enjoy what comes, without worrying about what we think it should look like.

Our recent plan to open our own premises in Ham Village has hit the buffers and we will not be proceeding with that venture, but as disapointing as this decision was we feel that it was not ours to make and their are other plans afoot!  So….scary and exciting!  Pretty similar to how some of us will feel when the first snows of winter are forecast. We obviously are still caring for bereaved families, as we have for the last two years, and look forward to the coming changes that will enable us to be even more involved with our local communities.