Funeral Reviews

‘Rob was very comforting with his words at my mother’s funeral, I couldn’t wish for anything more, everyone was so complimentary in regards to the ceremony. Rob helped us from start to end , I would have not coped without his help. Thank you so much.’

Maria, Feb. 2019

‘My brother had specified that he wanted a direct to cremation funeral. Although I found a few undertakers who offered this service all of them said that the cremation would take place at a time, date and location of their choosing and no attendance was permitted. I wanted to be there when Philip went on his last journey and so it was with great relief that I heard Rob tell me that the cremation would be arranged at a crematorium close to us, at a time and date agreeable to us and that my partner could attend and even that we could have a choice of music. I am forever grateful for the solicitous care and attention that Rob provided throughout making the whole process calm, peaceful and dignified. It was precisely what Philip wanted.’

Roland, Sept. 2018

‘When my mother in law passed away, her daughter and I contacted some local undertakers, and got a general feeling of take it or leave it when it came to the cost of her funeral. We found that Rob immediately replied to all our enquiries and that his quotation far exceeded those of the others. His eulogy was very moving and simple and I could not see how another undertaker could have dealt with this sad occasion better than Rob.’

Christine and Jim, Sept 2017

When my dad died we wanted to find someone who would help us to mark his passing and celebrate his life in a way that was right for him. Rob was amazing. Everything was highly organised and went smoothly, but most importantly, he set the right tone for the funeral. We gave him notes about my dad’s life and he clearly did a lot of work to turn them into a lovely funeral tribute. He was supportive and compassionate and we were so grateful that we found him to help us through an incredibly tough time.’

Jenny, 2017

We found Rob to be a very caring person and never put us under any pressure. We had exactly what we wanted and Rob delivered the perfect send off for our mum without out any problems what so ever. It helped to make a very sad day have good and special memories.’

Belinda and Ray, 2016

Rob is absolutely sincere and hits all the right notes. Professional, intuitive … but, above all, genuinely caring.
We were so fortunate to have found him when other local funeral directors couldn’t meet our schedule. He pulled strings and worked closely with both ourselves and his service providers. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer, calmer person to put you at ease every step of the way.
Service could not have been improved upon.

Roy, 2016

I was fortunate to be recommended Crumpton Rudd following the death of my wife. From the very first contact with Rob I knew I was in good, safe hands. Nothing was too much trouble, the organisation was carried out confidently; everything required was done assiduously and with personal attention at all times. CRF benefits from a strong Christian ethos, firm, but measured and reassuring; the approach is delivered with genuine compassion. On the day, the funeral logistics were acquitted with a deft touch, and with gravitas. Rob is with you every step of the way.

Paul, 2016